About Marilynn

Marilynn has always loved gardening and plants. Even in junior high, she enjoyed starting plants in the house for transplant outside. As she grew up, her desire to surround herself with flowers and flowering trees and shrubs grew with her.

Even as a child, her philosophy of landscape work avoidance was apparant. She soon discovered wonderful items like self-watering pots and automatic lighting. Ways to avoid having to mist cuttings while not baking the plants shortly followed!
This philosophy is expressed fully in one simple sentence:

"If you've Earned It, you've worked TOO MUCH!!!"

In 1995, she was able to realize some of her dream when she was able to purchase some land which she could dedicate solely to gardening. Although she always looked for "no work" plants, the importance of this became paramount with the new amount of property. Therefore, Marilynn has devoted much time and research to the avoidance of as much garden work as possible, while still maintaining the "Palatial Look".

Her 1,200 tulips and 250 muscari (grape hyacinths) are only the beginning of a growing season. Before the tulips show their color, she is out tilling up the flower beds for the year's planting. This investment of labor saves a lot more labor later on--the second tilling two weeks later kills the little weeds which have come up! Then it's late May or June--and the Marigold seeds are planted along with some from the nursery. Other plants are added, and that's it for the work for a month or so. After that, it's time for the only real weeding of the season. The weeds which had been coming up with the flower seedlings are removed and thrown on the compost pile, and the now strong seedlings and garden center flowers can withstand Preen-and they get it!

Then that's it! Breezin' easy for another year!

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About Marilynn