Great Duncraft Bird Feeders!

Duncraft offers bird feeders, bird houses, bird seed, and more!

Been looking for the ultimate superstore for bird supplies? Look no further! has premium feeders, houses, and more at discount prices!

There is a great range of feeders at Duncraft. Squirrel proof bird feeders, cedar bird feeders, bird feeder (window one way), tray bird feeders, humming bird feeders, and metal bird feeders are all there!

All of these bird feeders are constructed with the quality which has made Duncraft bird feeders the leader in the industry over their 50 years of operation, and are 100% guaranteed to satisfy!

Of course, a bird feeder isn't complete without the bird food to go in it! Therefore, Duncraft also offers many kinds of feed. Birdseed, suet, and hummingbird food are all offered for our feathered friends. For those who choose to make peace with the squirrels, squirrel food is also available!

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
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A nice house is desired not only by humans, but by birds as well. Therefore, a vast array of bird houses is available. There is a wide variety of purple martin bird house (from single bird house gourds to huge apartments), many types of blue bird house, and all kinds of decorative bird house!

Of course, Duncraft bird houses, bird food, and bird baths are also 100% guaranteed. Duncraft has been in business for 50 years and is proud to offer their fine selection now on the Internet.

Purple Martin Bird House
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Blue Bird Houses

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To attract even more birds, put up one of A Bird's World's wonderful birdbaths as well. There's nothing quite like watching birds having fun taking their morning baths!

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Purple Martin Bird House
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