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Picture of Bluejays roosting

Picture of Bluejay eggs in nest



Bluejays picked a nice close spot to roost this year

A couple of years ago, grackles decided to make a spot next to my chimney home, causing repeated sleepless days as they would start making a racket just as I was dropping off to sleep!

Fortunately, the bluejays which arrived this year picked a much quieter spot to do their nesting: About 10 feet from my front door, right next to the porch! (Link to pictures at bottom and sides of page.) What makes this a "much quieter" spot is that their voices aren't being amplified by the chimney's insulating sheath. Which means I can enjoy this spring's show of bird-raising, as opposed to praying they'll move out.

Now I'm really glad I never got around to cutting that tree back this spring. You can see in the pictures that I have made numerous prior chops on this scrub tree. The little branches which spring up from that type of "pruning" are probably what drew the bluejays to nest there, since the branches provide lots of support for the nest, and lots of foliage cover to hide the nest. I probably wouldn't have seen it myself, if one of the jays didn't fly away in a loud burst as I walked across the porch!


Here's some interesting facts about bluejays (basic facts came from the Canadian Wildlife Service's Blue Jay Page, other commentary is from me):

The eggs take about 17 days to hatch. Which would leave about a week for these eggs...

The nestlings hatch naked. But within another 17 days, they are well-feathered and able to fly.

Even though the hatchlings can fly at that time, Mamma and Papa bluejay will keep on feeding them for 2-4 months. The amount of feeding done by the parents decreases as the babies learn how to find food on their own.

Both Mamma and Papa Jay take part in the roosting and the rearing of the young. Mr. Jay can't get away with pulling a "hit and run" on Mamma Bluejay!! He is stuck on that nest at least as much as she is--and not only that, he usually has to feed her, too! Mamma bluejay knows how it should be...

Here's some pictures:

This one shows one of the jays roosting in the nest
Here's a picture of the bluejay eggs in the nest

Enjoy looking! More pictures will be added when something significant happens so keep checking back!

Many thanks to the Canadian Wildlife Service's Blue Jay Page which is the source of the species-specific information on this page, and also has more information on bluejays (such as range, migration and eating habits). Of course, they didn't say it quite the same way...



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