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Looking for bonsai trees and supplies? Look no further! Bonsai Boy of NY, a family owned and operated, Certified New York State Nursery, is the place to go!

Bonsai Boy offers many kinds of flowering and non-flowering bonsai trees, including juniper, Chinese elm, ficus, cherry, azalea, and others! Fertilizer, insecticidal soap, copper fungicide, and other items of this nature are available to help you in the day-to-day care of your trees. A full array of accessories like training wire, tools, and pots is on their site too!

There is also a large selection of Books and Videos which teach how to shape and care for your bonsai trees! Waterfalls and fountains, some including bonsai trees, are also offered. They even have artificial bonsai trees!

Bonsai Boy's trees come with many extras. Each bonsai tree is potted in a glazed, ceramic container which includes naturally collected mosses, decorative landscape pebbles and a multi-colored textured rock accessory. For all trees currently on sale, a humidity tray (4.5 in. X 6.5 in.) is included at no extra charge. All orders arrive with an easy-to-care-for instruction pamphlet.

And, get a free Oriental ceramic miniature figurine with every tree order of 2 or more trees!

Karate Kid Tree--Medium

Bonsai Boy has been selling trees over the Internet since way back in 1993. They have developed excellent packing techniques to ensure that your trees arrive in PERFECT condition. And, unlike most nurseries, they offer a lifetime guarantee! If, upon arrival, you do not like your tree, simply return it for replacement, exchange, or full refund. If, for some reason, the tree fails later on, just send it back for 50% off your next tree!

Bonsai Boy has made excellent customer service a cornerstone of their family-run operation. To quote from their site, "Our goal is to delight our customers beyond their expectations."

Not only do they do all of this, but you don't have to pay a fortune to order from Bonsai Boy! In fact, they say that as part of their policy of delighting their customers, they have the lowest prices!

Just click their banner or text link to get your bonsai trees and accessories!

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