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1). When to Plant - For best results, Iris should be planted in July through September. In areas with hot summers and mild winters, September to October plantings may be favored.

2). Where to Plant - Iris need at least a half day of sun. In extremely hot climates some shade is advantageous and more beneficial, but in most climates Iris do best in full sun.

3). Soil Preparation - Be sure to provide your Iris good drainage, planting either on a slope or in raised beds. Iris will thrive in most well-drained garden soils. Planting on a slope or in raised beds helps ensure good drainage.

4). The ideal pH - is 6.8 (slightly acidic), but Iris are tolerant in this regard. To adjust the pH of your soil, lime may be added to acidic soils or sulfur to alkaline soils. It is always best to have your soil analyzed before taking corrective measures.

5). Depth to Plant - Iris should be planted so the tops of the rhizomes are exposed and the roots are spread out facing downward in the soil. In very light soils or in extremely hot climates, covering the rhizome with 1 inch of soil may be desirable. A common mistake is to plant Iris too deeply. 6). Distance Apart - Iris are normally planted 12 to 18 inches apart. Close planting gives an immediate effect, but closely planted Iris will need to be thinned often. Plants spaced further apart will require less frequent thinning.

7). Firm the soil - Make sure to firm the soil around each rhizome and then water to help settle the soil.

8). Watering - Recently placed plants require moisture to assist their root structures in becoming more established. In particular, irrigating depends on your climate as well as your soil, but consider that deep watering for extended periods surpasses frequent but superficial watering. As soon as your plant is established, Iris usually don't require much water except in dry locations or during drought.

9). Fertilization - Depending on your soil type, bone meal, super-phosphate and 6-10-10 are all most effective. A gentle treatment in the first part of spring and a subsequent light application around a month after the plant comes into flower will repay you with first-rate developed plants and thriving blooms.

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