Plants Which WON'T Bring You WORK

There are plants which look beautiful, and plants which cause work--or else they won't look beautiful. The second kind--the kind which need pruning, or a lot of spading, or much (if any) spraying, or spread all over where you don't want them like weeds--they need no further mention.

Now, for the plants which won't cause you work!

French Marigolds

Marigolds, that beautiful annual native to South America, come in many colors. In addition to the too common yellow and orange, there are many bicolored formations of maroon and yellow and maroon and orange. This maroon color is usually referred to as "red", but it certainly is not Geranium Red like some places would have you believe.
The great thing about marigolds, other that their beauty (Yes, they are my favorite flower!) is their ability to maintain their shape without messing with them. Just keep the weeds out and you're fine.
Occassionally, you will need to remove the dead blooms. There's NO NEED to get obsessive about it. A few blooms going to seed won't even be noticed since the new blooms will come out higher on the plant and cover them up. One pretty good removal around the fall should keep them going 'till frost. You may want to do it a couple of weeks after planting nursery-bought plants, too, since those plants won't be established enough to put out the amount of blooms needed to hide spent ones yet.

Marigolds, continued

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Marigolds, continued
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