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The Truth About Roses


The icon says it ALL! These things are nothing but WORK! They need Pruning in the spring (take off dead or crowded canes), Fertilizing (how often depends on the fertilizer and the soil conditions), Spraying for bugs and disease, Suckering (the removal of spindly, non-blooming vine-like growth from the base of the plant). They need the Ground Loosened Up around their bases. Even though they're woody, they can't stand weeds much and therefore must be Weeded or Preened. Since most of the rose blooms are right out there, and old ones don't get hidden by new blooms on most varieties, they must have their Old Blooms Removed or they get Ugly.

In the fall, it's good to Cover Them Up to protect them from our frigid winters. But, Take the Covers Off For Every Warm Spell--and don't forget to Put Them Back On at night or when you think it'll get cold, or they'll break dormancy too fast and then die.

And, by all means Prune Them Back Again in the fall so there isn't as much winterkill!!!

All this WORK for a plant that only puts out blooms 2 or 3 times a season for most types, and looks like a WEED the rest of the year!!!

Here is an example of the only way to truly enjoy roses:
Flowers delivered on the same day, guaranteed!

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