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Put Preen On It!

Preen is a wonderful product which does more than any other to eliminate the WORK of gardening. What it does is simple.


AND it allows any plant over about a month and a half old to keep growing! This means almost any plant bought at a garden center can go into a garden treated with Preen. Also, bulbs and trees are not bothered by Preen.

Certain species are bothered by Preen no matter how old they are. Please remember to check the company label for types of plants.
The label lists about 50-100 plants. It's safe for many more. More important is where it lists what NOT to use it on.

The only thing is, it takes 2-3 years to completely jam up some weed species. But you WILL see a major difference, and perhaps complete suppression of weeds, the first year.
It only keeps weeds from sprouting, however. Any weeds already sprouted will have to be tilled in or pulled up by hand.

Is it Organic?

NO! It's a chemical. However, used properly, it has not caused a long-term effect in the environment that I am aware of. The wildlife in the area is as healthy as ever. And there have been no reports of groundwater or lake contamination in my area from this product.
Farm use of any product, whether organic or chemical, has been known to cause problems due to the amounts applied. Even organic products like fertilizer can cause problems when overused, especially near lakes, where fertilizers encourage weed growth which can cause the lake to start filling in.
Used properly (not overapplied), this product will not have any deleterious (bad) effects--EXCEPT on weed seeds!
Always follow label directions.

There is one caveat: They have come out with a kind of Preen "for daylilies, etc." I forgot exactly how they word it. DON'T be suckered into buying this! Regular Preen is just fine, as my 500 daylilies can attest!

Even so, I'd like an organic product. Is there a Preen-like product for organic gardens?

Yes, a product has come on the market within the last few years. It's made from a by-product of corn sometimes used in animal feed!
However, further research I have done has found that this product takes 2-3 years to show ANY major effect, unlike Preen which knocks most of 'em out right away.
Therefore, I cannot recommend it if you want to dodge most of your weeding this year!

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